Saturday, April 9, 2011

Massive cargo plane transports $2m remote-controlled concrete pump to stricken Japanese nuclear plant - 9th Apr 2011

A massive Russian cargo plane has been used to pick one of the world's largest concrete pumps to pour water on the stricken nuclear power plant in Japan.

The 95-ton pump is mounted on a 26-wheel truck and can be operated from two miles away by remote control, allowing it to shoot water into the damaged reactors.

If necessary, it could also be used to entomb one of the damaged nuclear reactors in concrete.

Dave Adams, CEO of Putzmeister America, the Wisconsin-based company which manufactures the pump, said: 'Our whole company fells hopeful that our equipment can be used to make a difference in helping solve the problem.'

Japanese authorities have struggled to cool the plant's reactors after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out its backup cooling systems.

The stricken plant is believed to have suffered a partial meltdown of its nuclear fuel after desperate attempts to cool the reactors failed. Read More