Friday, April 15, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Could soon be back in Court: Damning evidence in ANOTHER Facebook lawsuit could see claimant receive billions of dollars from Facebook

Just as Mark Zuckerberg must have returned to counting his billions after the Winklevoss twins were given their marching orders from court, another claim to his Facebook fortune has emerged.

Paul Ceglia, of Wellsville, New York, the latest force to reckon with Zuckerberg and Facebook, has now hired a prestigious law firm to help him claim what he says is his share of the social networking site.

If he wins, he could be entitled to millions if not billions of the Facebook fortune.

When he first filed a lawsuit last July, the whole thing was dismissed, mainly because of the fact Ceglia waited seven years to file it and because he was a convicted felon, with charges of criminal fraud.

Facebook said the whole thing was a complete fabrication.

But now Ceglia is back, with a bigger law firm and more evidence to prove that Zuckerberg did promise him 50 per cent ownership in 'the face book project'.

Business Insider got a hold of the emails and said the evidence against the Facebook creator is 'breathtaking'.

They discuss how Ceglia will fund the project. They discuss how Ceglia HAS funded the project.

In one email, dated November 2003, Mr Zuckerberg allegedly mentions 'a couple of upperclassmen here at Harvard that are planning to launch a site very similar to ours'. He says he has 'stalled them for the time being' but says he must 'make a move soon'. Read More