Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Macabre Facebook profiles created for 'Craigslist Ripper' and dead Atlantic City prostitutes - 20th Apr 2011

A sick hoaxer has created Facebook profiles of the eight named prostitutes found murdered in Long Island and Atlantic City, linking them together with another as yet unrelated murdered woman.

The blank profiles of the four identified prostitutes discovered on a Long Island beach in December - all thought to be victims of the 'Craigslist ripper', have been created with four other prostitutes found dead in Atlantic city in 2006, who are all linked as 'friends' on the site.

And in a macabre message, the four profiles for the Atlantic City women have posted on a tribute page dedicated to murdered political secretary Anne Marie Fahey, who was killed in 1996.

Someone posing as Kim Raffo recently posted on Mrs Fahey's Facebook memorial page: 'I didn't know you but I feel a strong connection to you. You are an Angel.'

The other Atlantic City prostitute profiles left several messages on the same Fahey memorial page, calling her an 'angel.'

On January 29, Tracy Roberts' profile posted 'We are all angels,' on the tribute site.

Then Molly Jean Dilts profile then made the suggestion that, 'we were all killed by the Capano's.

'We are still waiting for justice. We were found in November 2006 in Mays Landing, NJ.'

Immediately beneath Dilts' comment, a blank Facebook profile with the name 'Colleen Marie' said: 'They should also be looking at them in connection with 4 . . . girls found in Babylon NY.

'If something happens to me it is because I knew what they did back then and I know what did to you girls. I think I'm next.' Read More