Thursday, April 7, 2011

Killer who shot dead police officer granted £12,000 legal aid to fight for a cushier life in prison - 7th Apr 2011

A killer who gunned down a policeman in cold blood has been granted legal aid to sue the prison service for breaching his human rights.

Former U.S. marine David Bieber, 45, shot dead PC Ian Broadhurst on Boxing Day 2003 and, after two attempted prison breaks, is seen as one of the most high-risk inmates in Britain.

But he claims his status as a category-A exceptional-risk prisoner, which restricts his movements within County Durham’s high-security Frankland Prison, breaches his human rights.

Last night PC Broadhurst’s family attacked the decision to grant Bieber up to £12,000 in legal aid to mount his challenge at the High Court in London later this year.

His mother Cindy Eaton said: ‘I am very disappointed. I feel cheated and let down on behalf of my family. He chose to do what he did. This is the consequence and I don’t think he has any rights and it is letting us down if he is allowed these rights.

‘He has no idea about our pain. We live that. We can never go back to the life we had.’

Married PC Broadhurst, 34, had stopped Bieber in Leeds for a check on a suspected stolen vehicle. He was shot in the chest and, as he lay helpless on the floor, Bieber shot him again in the head at point-blank range.

Bieber, a steroid-addicted bodybuilder and drug dealer who was wanted in the U.S. for conspiracy to murder and had fled to the UK under an alias, also tried to kill two other officers at the scene. Read More