Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iran calls Syrian protests "a Western plot"

Anti-government demonstrations in Syria are part of a plot by the West to undermine a government that supports "resistance" in the Middle East, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

Unlike uprisings in other parts of the Arab world which Tehran has applauded as an "Islamic awakening" of peoples against Western-backed oppressors, the protests in Syria have received little media attention or official comment in Iran.

But at his weekly news conference on Tuesday, Iran's spokesman said the protests in Syria over the last three weeks, in which 200 people died, according to a rights group, were not a spontaneous event but the result of foreign interference. Syria is Iran's closest Arab ally.

"What is happening in Syria is a mischievous act of Westerners, particularly Americans and Zionists," Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters.

"With the help of their media they are trying to create an artificial protest somewhere or exaggerate a demand of a small group and present it, instead, as the demand and will of the majority."

"No one should be fooled by this trick that Americans are playing." (read more)