Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you think you've got it bad... Desperate slum-dwellers wade up to their EARS in filthy sludge after their homes burn down - 7th Apr 2011

Desperately wading through neck-high sludge surrounded by trash, rubble and filth, a pair of homeless Filipino men begin the search for their belongings hours after a catastrophic fire savaged hundreds of shanty town houses.

These pictures of devastation show the appalling aftermath of a dawn fire which tore through a settlement in the Philippines, leaving up to 3,000 people homeless.

The blaze in Maysilo village, near Manila, started early on Thursday morning and obliterated the residential district in the night, destroying hundreds of houses.

Firefighters say the destructive fire started at a row of squatter houses and is thought to have been caused by an exploding liquefied petroleum gas tank.

Homeless residents were left to sift through the charred carnage and wade across dirty pools of debris in the hope of retrieving any of their possessions.

Men, women and children all had to pitch in around their blackened, wrecked homes as attempts were made by residents to recover anything valuable or reuseable.

Emergency services struggled to contain the fast-spreading fire because many of the affected houses were very close together and made of light materials.

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