Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gaddafi on the move: Fighters retreating from eastern Libyan city

Rebel fighters reeled in eastern Libya on Thursday as an airstrike killed at least three people and opposition fighters and civilians embarked on a wild, panicky retreat from a major city.

Aircraft dropped the bombs on a rebel formation on the eastern Libyan battlefront, witnesses said Thursday, an act that left opposition forces wondering whether NATO aircraft conducted a mistaken airstrike on the forces they are trying to protect. At least 10 people were wounded in the bombings.

It's unclear whether Libyan aircraft or the alliance conducted the strike, between al-Brega and Ajdabiya, but there haven't been Libyan air force planes in the skies for some time because NATO aircraft have established a no-fly zone.

A NATO representative said, "it is hard for us to confirm or deny. We don't have boots on the ground."

A few hours later, civilians and rebels fearing, an approach by pro-Gadhafi forces, made a panicky retreat from Ajdabiya, with hundreds of civilian cars and trucks loaded with rocket launchers and ammunition headed out of town in the direction of the opposition headquarters of Benghazi. (read more)