Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Couple tried to 'sell' baby to convicted child molester for $300 and 'a place to stay' - 13th Apr 2011

Police have charged four people in a scheme to sell a baby girl to a convicted child molester and his sister.

Indianapolis Police say siblings Michael and Debbie Overby tried to buy the 10 day old daughter of Rose Faucett, 36, for $300 and a room to stay.

Michael Overby was also charged with falsely signing papers to say he was the child's father.

According to police, 57-year-old Michael Overby is a convicted child molester and 50-year-old Debbie Overby has been convicted of child neglect.

Police think 58-year-old Phillip Hester is the child's father and was also part of the plan.

Indianapolis police Sergent Linda Jackson said: 'Mrs. Overby is currently on probation for neglect of a dependent, and Mr. Overby is a convicted child molester.It's a charge from back in 1984.

'We don't know what the intentions were for trying to adopting this child. It may just be that they are both convicted felons, and they can't legally adopt a child.'

The plan unravelled when a relative of Overby's went to the authorities and the four were then arrested on Friday.

In a separate case, WishTV 8 reported that according to Police records two of the suspects may have been paying a man $100 to $200 per month to allow them to raise his child as their own.

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