Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bones And Teeth Found In 'Stew Maker's' Pit - 9th Apr 2011

Investigators in Mexico have discovered human bones and teeth in a pit used by a man known as 'the Stew Maker' who has confessed to dissolving 300 bodies in acid.

Prosecutors said around 30 bone fragments and 15 tooth fragments were dug up at a ranch where Santiago Meza Lopez once lived in eastern Tijuana.

Meza's nickname, which is 'El Pozolero' in Spanish, comes from a form of stew called pozole which is made with corn processed with caustic soda.

He is believed to have used a similar process to dissolve the victims.

Miguel Angel Guerrero, head of the Baja California state prosecutors' office on disappearances, said laboratory tests will determine the number of bodies found in the three adjoining graves.

The remains would be the first confirmed victims of Meza, who told authorities he dissolved 300 bodies of drug cartel victims at ranches in the border city before his arrest in January 2009.

The Citizen's Association Against Impunity, a Tijuana group that has pushed authorities to find the remains, said it hopes the fragments can be linked to some of the nearly 300 people it estimates have disappeared in the city since 1997. Read More