Tuesday, April 19, 2011

500 Earthquakes in the Past week - Possible Volcanic Concerns Near Hawthorne, Nevada? - 19th Apr 2011

Five Hundred plus earthquakes near Hawthorne, Nev. over the past week have scientists looking closer at the ground.

They are looking at seismic and volcanic activity in Nevada. What is the possibility of "the big one" hitting Nevada? Or a volcano popping-up in Nevada?

The images from the movie "Volcano" are extreme. But, could we see the explosions or lava flow like in this film happen in Nevada? Seismologist Graham Kent says a movie-like eruption is not likely. "The type of lava that comes out of Aurora crater is much more like the Hawaiian. It is not the explosive kind."

Kent is talking about the Aurora Volcanic Field located just miles from the area where hundreds of quakes began rumbling a week ago. The center of those quakes, just eight miles from Hawthorne, Nev.

Kent says there has not been any significant volcanic activity there for 250,000 years. And there is not much risk of a catastrophic volcanic event.

But, there is risk of a big quake. The tremors are near Hawthorne, yet that does not mean Nevada state residence should ignore them. Kent says "this is a very significant sequence."

Kent says the residents of Hawthorne have been placed on alert. However, he adds, "I don't want everyone to focus on Hawthorne and not realize if you're not prepared and you're in Las Vegas or Reno or in Elko you need to be prepared and now use this as an excuse."

The Division of Emergency Management in Carson City is in place for quick action should it be needed. "Both folks at state and federal level are concerned," says Kent. All of this could be leading to a big quake in other parts of the state. Source