Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 1944 memo warning President Franklin D. Roosevelt he would die if he ran for a fourth term... just nine months before a stroke claimed his life

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was told that he would die just nine months before a stroke claimed his life, a newly released memo reveals.

On July 10, 1944, just months before the presidential elections, a physician wrote he did not believe Roosevelt would be able to complete fourth term in office.

He said the pressures of presidency would make his health deteriorate further and he would succumb to heart failure.

Dr Frank Lahey wrote up the memo so his objections were on record in case the worst came to pass.

It was held in a safe in his clinic in Bedford, Massachussetts, for the past 67 years and has now only come to light.

And as it turned out Dr Lahey was almost spot on - Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945 aged 63, less than a year into his fourth term.

His health had been declining for some years before a stroke dealt the fatal blow as he was resting at his retreat in Warm Springs.

In the note, Dr Lahey wrote it was only to be ‘utilized only in the event that there might be criticism of me…for not having made this public’.

The memo continued: ‘It was my opinion that over the four years of another term with its burdens, he would again have heart failure and be unable to complete it.' Read More