Wednesday, April 13, 2011

16 dolphins washed ashore dead in Pondy, India - 13th Apr 2011

Sixteen long-nosed dolphins were washed ashore dead at three places along the Puducherry coast on Monday. It has raised concern among environmentalists as it is the 20th instance in 16 months of protected marine mammals being washed ashore dead or alive.

On an average, about 250 dolphins are washed shore dead or alive every year, said Dr R S Lal Mohan, retired principal scientist of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).

A group of fishermen in Pudukuppam in the Union territory spotted five dead dolphins on the shore on Monday morning and alerted the forest and fisheries department officials. A few hours later, fishermen from neighbouring hamlets also informed them about 11 more dead dolphins found at two other places.

A team of officials led by deputy conservator of forests Dr A Anil Kumar visited the hamlets and inspected the dead mammals. Veterinary doctors conducted postmortem examinations and buried 15 dolphins. One carcass was sent to Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary Sciences here for detailed analysis.

The dolphins measured between two-and-a-half feet and five feet. Ten were females of which two were found to be pregnant. Read More