Sunday, March 27, 2011

Protecting the Criminals - Public servant on 'child sex' charges - but we're barred from telling you anything about him - 27th Mar 2011

A public servant has appeared in court on charges believed to be connected to child-sex offences under a draconian restriction which means nothing can be said about him.

The Mail on Sunday is aware of his job but cannot disclose any information about the man, who can be referred to only as ‘X’.

Bizarrely, a second defendant in the case has not been granted anonymity.
The concealment of the identity of the public servant is believed to be an unprecedented move in a criminal case of this kind.

It is not known on what basis he was granted anonymity.

Other restrictions have been used to conceal the identity of child-killer Mary Bell, and Jon Venables and Robert Thompson – the boys convicted of murdering toddler James Bulger.

In these cases, however, there were full and open trials and anonymity was imposed only after court proceedings had concluded.

This time, the restriction has been imposed before any trial, and, unusually, for only one of the defendants.

However, there is deep concern in legal circles about
the increasing imposition of restrictions on reporting and the creeping spread of secret justice. Read More