Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our future under water: Terrifying new pictures reveal how Britain's cities could be devastated by flood water - 7th Mar 2011

These dramatic images show how floods could devastate major cities across Britain leaving thousands of homes underwater if no flood defences were put in place.

The centres of London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool would be completely submerged with properties wrecked and businesses shutdown in the event of major flooding.

Extraordinary photographs of the devastation flooding could cause were released by the Environment Agency today to warn of the dangers of natural disasters.

Major rehearsals for a possible disaster are to begin involving 10,000 people as Government tests how they, the emergency services and communities will respond.

£1.8million is being spent on the test exercises which will involve ten government departments and utility companies in what ministers say is the 'largest civil defence exercise ever' in Britain. Read More