Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Cancer Prevention Drug: Breast cancer 'wonder drug' increases risk of rare tumour by 440% - 26th Aug 2009

You may of noticed that this week most newspapers, TV reports and experts have been going on about this wonderful drug that can prevent Breast Cancer, the drug in Question is TAMOXIFEN.

Most of these reports did list the side affects that you could get from taking this Drug, which included getting Blood Clots and Bowel Cancer, hmm.... taking a drug to prevent Breast Cancer instead you have a chance of getting Bowel Cancer?

I have done some digging and found this isn’t the only side affects, below you will see an Article from back in August 2009 which is important to bring back to light seeing that the Pharmaceutical industry is pushing yet another OLD drug into the limelight to treat a new cause.

Breast cancer 'wonder drug' increases risk of rare tumour by 440%

Breast cancer patients given tamoxifen are more than four times more likely to develop a more aggressive tumour than those not prescribed the drug, scientists have warned.

A study of over 1,000 patients found the oestrogen blocking drug reduced the risk of the most common, easy to treat cancer recurring by 60 per cent.

But the chances of a rarer type not sensitive to the female hormone appearing in the opposite breast increased by an alarming 440 per cent.

These are known as ER negative tumours, as opposed to ER positive, and are much more dangerous as there are no drugs that specifically target them.

Dr Christopher Li, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, said: 'This is of concern, given the poorer prognosis of ER-negative tumours, which are also more difficult to treat.' Read More

NOTE: Tamoxifen has been given to woman with Breast Cancer for the past 20 Years, so why is Breast Cancer on the Rise if it's such a Wonder Drug?