Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Millions of dead anchovies wash up in California's Redondo Beach: Fluke of nature or End of Times? - 8th Mar 2011

Something fishy is happening in the waters off Southern California.

Millions of anchovies washed up dead Tuesday morning in the harbor at Redondo Beach just south of Los Angeles, clogging up boating lanes, baffling local officials and providing fodder for conspiracy theorists.

"We're having millions of anchovies die off in our harbor," Redondo Beach police Sgt. Phil Keenan told Reuters. "At this point it's an unknown reason." Read More

NOTE: This year there have been several more cases where millions of fish have died please see below the videos of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and Brazil where millions fish died during January 2011

We are hearing that the cause is lack of oxygen because the fish are schooling together and cant get out, this may well be but what is causing them to school together? we are not talking about a couple of hundred fish here. Also another common comment in nearly all the cases is from witnesses that have been around the area for many years, "this is the first time I have seen anything like this"