Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya declares immediate ceasefire... but Gaddafi forces keep on bombing - 18th Mar 2011

Libya today continued to blast rebel fighters with a brutal bombardment from land and sea despite the regime claiming it had called a cease fire.

In a day of rapid developments after the UN agreed to launch air strikes, foreign minister Moussa Koussa said all fighting had stopped.

However, rebels claimed there was still shelling in the towns of Ajdabiya and Misrata, the last rebel-held city in the western half of the country. Bombing left as many as 25 people in Misrata dead.

Even as Koussa spoke, David Cameron was on his feet in the Commons to confirm that RAF fighter jets had received orders to go to the Middle East.

The Prime Minister confirmed preparations to deploy RAF Tornado and Typhoon fighters were well underway.

The aircraft will join an international task force in the region in the next hours with air strikes expected imminently. Read More