Monday, March 7, 2011

Ireland. Dead swans in Grand Canal in Dublin NOT AVIAN FLU - 7th Mar 2011

We are getting reports of a number of dead swans in the GC in Dublin. They are concentrated on the 7th level from Portobello to Suir Road Bridge.

A number were taken from the water for analysis last week. A number of sick birds were also found and were taken to the DSPCA depot for treatment.

Another half dozen birds have been found dead this AM.

Initial reports suggest that the problem is NOT Avian Flu but is more likely some form of botulism or other bacterial infection. The source is as yet unknown but a number of dead and rotting sea-fish were found in the area and that is one possible source. Swans are known to be susceptible to this infection and similar cases have been reported from other areas in the past.

There were also suggestions that the dredging programme may have disturbed some bacteria in the sediment but this is seen as unlikely given the infected birds are some distance from the dredging site. Source