Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In search of aliens: New NASA picture shows 1,235 planets that could house extra-terrestrial lifeforms - 30th Mar 2011

If aliens exist, these are what their planets look like, according to NASA.

Astronomers at the U.S. space department have spent the last two years scouring the Milky Way for Earth-like planets in their quest for foreign life forms.

And this is what they have come up with. The black spots represent 1,235 planets orbiting their suns, which have been arranged by order of size.

As a point of reference, the lone planet on the right below the top row represents our sun, with Earth and Venus as tiny black silhouettes.

Of these candidate planets, there are 54 where life could possibly exist in the 'Goldilocks Zone'.

The 'Goldilocks Zone' is the distance from a star where an Earth-like planet can maintain liquid water and Earth-like life on its surface. Read More