Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hague Hints At Exile For Libya's Gaddafi - 30th Mar 2011

Britain may be willing to accept Colonel Muammar Gaddafi going into exile as a way to end the current crisis in Libya, Foreign Secretary William Hague has indicated.

Mr Hague said he would prefer to see Col Gaddafi held to account in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

But Mr Hague added the dictator taking refuge abroad would bring about the kind of change that "most of the world and probably most of the Libyan people want to see".

He suggested it was up to Col Gaddafi to decide whether to flee to a safe haven outside Libya.

Italy is talking to a number of countries on a possible deal that would provide a bolthole for Col Gaddafi - possibly in another African state - along with a ceasefire in Libya and a peaceful transition to a new government. Read More