Thursday, March 17, 2011

The gentle giant: Scientists discover plant-eating dinosaur that made even the T-Rex look small - 17th Mar 2011

Scientists in Angola claim they have unearthed one of the largest ever dinosaurs to walk the planet.

Although they have only found the first fossil, it is believed the creature was a long-necked plant eater.

It has been dubbed the Angolatitan adamastor - or Angolan giant.

The international team claims unique skeletal characteristics of the fossilised forelimb bone mean it is part of a previously unknown dinosaur.

The remarkable archaeological find is the first in Angola since the 1960s after years of war came to an end.

It was discovered in an area that would have been underwater when the dinosaur was alive 90million years ago.

It is thought the remains, found with fish and shark teeth, might have been washed into the sea and torn apart by ancient sharks.

Matthew Bonnan, a sauropod expert at Western Illinois University, said he believes the team's claim to have discovered a new dinosaur is genuine. Read More