Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gaddafi defector must face war crimes trial over Lockerbie, insist MPs - but has he already done a deal with the government? - 31st Mar 2011

The former Libyan foreign minister who defected to Britain should face justice over the Lockerbie bombing, MPs said today.

Musa Kusa is said to have been the brains behind the 1988 terror blast on Pan Am flight 103 and is today being questioned in a 'secure location' in the UK after defecting following pressure from MI6.

Scottish prosecutors today told the Foreign Office they want to question Kusa over the attack - and David Cameron insisted that there was nothing to stop them carrying out their investigation.

Kusa's arrival in the UK was welcomed with jubilation by relatives of those killed at Lockerbie, who said he could finally reveal 'how Libya carried out the attack and why'.

Families of the victims may even finally discover if Gaddafi himself ordered the bombing.

One MP raised the prospect of a trial for 'war crimes' if he is found to have been mastermind of the attack that killed 270 victims.

But despite government insistence that Kusa had not been granted immunity from prosecution in British or international courts, there were concerns about what kind of deal might be being struck behind closed doors.

Foreign Secretary William Hague today admitted that he had been in contact with Kusa for days before he fled Libya, and had held several telephone conversations with him. Read More