Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food drop for wallabies stranded in New Wales - 29th Mar 2011

The Department of Environment and Conservation will begin delivering food to about 200 wallabies stranded due to flooding in the east Kimberley.

The DEC believes there are about 150 agile wallabies and 50 northern nailtail wallabies marooned on two small islands near Kununurra due to Lake Argyle's rising water levels.

DEC Kimberley Regional Manager Daryl Moncrieff said they would begin dropping off hay for the wallabies within the next 24 hours which will keep them alive until wildlife officers can assess whether the animals can be relocated.

"Time and the weather are against us, with our helicopter flyover and visit to the larger island yesterday confirming the death of another 50 animals due to a lack of shelter and extreme heat," Mr Moncrieff said.

"If we do determine that a relocation may have a reasonable chance of success rather than stressing the animals too much, we will focus on the weaker animals first to avoid suffering and help maximise wallaby survival."

However, Mr Moncrieff said no matter what decision is made there would be further loss of animals due to kangaroos and wallabies being prone to stress-related death. Read More