Friday, March 4, 2011

FEATURE EDITORIAL: The Libyan Conspiracy -- Is an uprising actually occuring, or is the media just making us believe one is?

We all have witnessed the unrest in the Middle East since Jan 2011; first we saw the leadership fall in Tunisia, which was quickly followed by Egypt. Throughout the first two countries' rebellions, there was a constant stream of news reports with video footage to inform the world what was going on.

Then Libya followed, the oil rich nation controlled by a tyrant who has lead the country for over 40 years with a iron fist. It seemed natural that rebellion would grip this country as it did the others, since freedom, after all, is what people want and deserve. However, this uprising seemed very different to what took place in Tunisia and Egypt.

First of all, we noticed the lack of protestor footage, even after constant requests for journalist to film the scenes in Libya by Gaddafi and his son, which is rather bizarre, especially after witnessing the seething throngs that brought mighty Egypt to its knees.

Then we saw the UN get involved, with the UK and USA leading in suggestive speech that they would not hesitate to send forces into libya -- on "humanitarian grounds", of course. We agree that people should have freedom and should not be slaughtered by their own leaders, but there is a startling lack of proof that an uprising is even occurring, and indeed, a growing body of evidence that this is a conspiracy to get foreign forces into Libya.

Practically speaking, is it time for other countries to get involved, possibly leading to another middle eastern war? This doesn't seem to have been factored at all into anyone's decision making regarding Libyan intervention.

Surely, now is the time for the UN, UK and USA to send in officials to check, first hand, if these reports are accurate. When we hear of the many protestor casualties, is there any proof that these where not rebels as Gaddafi has suggested?

We were even fed a glimpse of some fighting and air attack on the 3rd of March 2011, apparently around the desert marina by the oil wells. Without trying to seem facetious, do protestors wielding giant machine guns normally go for a country's oil fields or other heavily guarded economic assets? Is this the stuff of protest, or the stuff of armed groups attempting to seize control of a country through a coup (or externally sponsored attack)?

Our views are that people are capable of governing themselves without the need to be terrorized by iron-fisted leadership. Simply put, Gaddafi should give up his power and free his people, and this is the reason the media is feeing us for the purported Libyan uprising. Then why is all the evidence pointing to this *not* being the case?

We propose the following questions:

1) Could the fact that Libya has Africa's largest oil reserves have anything to do with the sudden interest in the Libyan uprising?

2) Is it a little convenient that Tunisia and Egypt collapsed first, two countries that border Libya, and could this have any strategic impact on events in Libya?

3) Why isn't the media following up on Gaddafi's offer to film the country to prove that unrest is in fact, not occurring -- isn't it the media's responsibility to investigate? Surely it can't be due to safety reasons, as reporters from major new networks have no problem following father and son around.

4) Why are Sky News reporters harassing Gaddafi's son about purported bombings of civilians despite growing evidence to the contrary? And why are Sky News reporters trying to frame everything that comes out of his mouth as being an "attack on the people" despite the fact that bombings, according to witness accounts, have been taking place in open desert or strategic areas that any country would rationally seek to defend in time of war?

5) Why are protesters engaging in attacks that would be challenging for even armed and trained groups to successfully execute, such as seizing oil fields and other military assets?

6) Why is there so little footage of Libyan protest, aside from the same few clips of groups of four or five individuals waving around AK47s, shot at close range, without any sign of a crowd?

7) Where is the footage of the "massive battles" supposedly taking place throughout Libya's cities?

8) Why is Tripoli silent, when Cairo and Tunis were aflame with protest?

9) Why does this whole situation seem so similar to the treatment of Iraq prior to the US invasion, especially since Iraq possesses the mideast's largest remaining untapped oil reserves, and at that time a leader the world loved to hate?

10) Why is there a pattern forming between imploding nations, or nations of US interest, and countries around those targets suddenly facing collapse? (Tunisia, Egypt in the case of Libya, and Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the case of Iran -- which, by the way, also possesses massive oil reserves.)

11) Why has no one attempted to address Gaddafi's son's comment when asked about the Libya reaction to this situation: "If 40 armed men with machine guns showed up in London, what would you do?"

12) Why are all the little countries surrounding Saudi Arabia also sliding the way of Tunisia and Egypt, and is Saudi Arabia another target in the queue?

13) Where is the footage of the "hundreds of thousands of refugees" pouring over the borders into Tunisia and Egypt, especially when foreign reporters made it a point to let it be known that they now have safe and easy access into Libya at those areas?

14) In Zimbabwe and Rwanda and Ivory Coast (all where there's no oil), the population was (and is) routinely slaughtered simply for voicing an opinion, yet there was no intervention there, so why Libya?

15) Prior to this mideast uprising, numerous warships from various western nations were dispatched to "deal with" Somalia, Yemen, and the "rampant piracy" that occurs along their coasts -- could this have had some future-set strategic purpose that potentially involved Libya and events in the Middle East?

Hopefully time will answer these questions for us all, and help clarify what is appearing like a seemingly conspiratorial scenario.

-- Matt & Lynsey