Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enraged Society, Broken Jaws: High School Hockey Players Will Be Held Accountable For Brawl

It’s the hockey fight that has a lot of people talking. They’re calling it “too violent – even for the pros.”

But there were no professional teams involved. These were high school kids playing at the Varsity State Championship Hockey game held at the Dr Pepper Star Center in Farmers Branch Sunday.

It ended with less-than-championship behavior. It turned into an all out brawl between the two high schools involved: Keller and Arlington Martin.

It happened near the end of the game when Keller was ahead 9 to 3.

“The ending ruined it to be honest with you, ruined a great weekend. Story should be about Keller winning the State Title. Not about this,” said Arlington Martin Coach Louie Greco.

Arlington Martin player Jeff SoRelle, who left the bench to hit another player, ended up with a broken jaw when Keller player Braxton Mills decked him from behind. (read more)