Thursday, March 17, 2011

Desperate families left to forage for scraps in the snow in world's third richest country - 17th Mar 2011

Homeless, desperate people clambered over snow-covered debris where their villages had once stood, gathering armloads of firewood as Japan's humanitarian crisis escalated yesterday.

In scenes more befitting a poverty-stricken Third World country than the world's third-richest nation, hungry people wrapped themselves in odd scraps of clothing in a futile attempt to keep out the cold in temperatures only just above freezing.

One of the most heartbreaking images to emerge was of a woman breaking down as found her dead mother's hand among the rubble of her destroyed home.

Yoshie Murakami cried in anguish as she said her final goodbyes and held her mother's hand and that was discovered after five days of agonising searching in in the tsunami-hit city of Rikuzentakata.

She is now praying that her missing 23-year-old daughter will be found alive.

Similar scenes unfolded throughout the country as rescuers sifted though the rubble and families prayed that their loved ones were safe and well.

Some residents made homeless by the tragedy foraged for food, crying out with delight when they found an undamaged can of food here, a still-edible packet of noodles there. Read More