Thursday, March 17, 2011

As Britons are warned to leave Bahrain, Whitehall lays on evacuation flights... but charges everyone £260 for a seat - 17th Mar 2011

Commercial flights available tomorrow 18th Mar 2011 for people to leave on
  • Prime Minister calls on King of Bahrain to end violent suppression
  • Witnesses see helicopters firing on homes and attacking doctors treating the wounded

The Government says it will help evacuate British citizens wanting to flee the deteriorating situation in Bahrain - but will charge them for a seat on the flight.

The Foreign Office has urged people, if possible, to leave the stricken Gulf State on commercial flights today.

Those who cannot get a ticket will be evacuated on an FCO-chartered flight - but will have to pay £260.

The advice comes as running battles were once again fought on Bahraini streets.

Soldiers and riot police used tear gas and armoured vehicles to clear protesters from Pearl Square, which has been the focus of demonstrations in the capital Manama. Read More