Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slaughter of the swans: Eight birds shot dead and abandoned in field - 22nd Feb 2011

Eight swans have been found shot dead in what a wildlife rescue group described as 'one of the worst incidents' it had ever attended.

They were killed with an airgun and one of the swans must 'have suffered terribly' after it was shot three times, animal charity Secret World said.

The slaughtered animals were found by a passer-by in a field on West Ham road out of Blackford in Somerset.

The shooting is believed to have happened early yesterday morning.

The charity's founder Pauline Kidner said: 'It is hard to believe anyone would do such a callous thing.

'The only thing that we had hoped was that death would have been fairly instantaneous as they all appeared to have been killed by someone who was quite a good marksman, but the X-rays told us otherwise.

'One of the swans had been shot three times and must have suffered terribly. Read more