Sunday, February 27, 2011

Norway's Blue Spiral (buried news 9th Dec 2009)

A brilliant spiral-shaped pattern of light was photographed and viewed by multiple witnesses in the skies over Norway.

Maybe a coincidence that on the same day President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize, gains respect from the world community, meets with the G20 again, introduces the 'Aliens', and declares himself and other country leaders as New World Leaders.

News stations were flooded with reports about the Russians taking responsibility for the light show that evening due to a out of control missile being fired however, some original reports coming from Russia declined the events taking place at the time, which were then changed several days later.

** Now why would the Russians be test firing a missile just outside the country that President Obama is in?

** Also did anyone else notice the image of the event disappearing from all the search engines for over a week after the event? many accused the search engines of censorship.

Many other theories followed the event over the coming weeks until the story was buried and forgotten, but no real explanation.