Saturday, February 12, 2011

Horses 'Electrocuted' At Newbury Races

An investigation has been launched at Newbury racecourse after two horses dropped dead in the parade ring.

The animals, Fenix Two and Marching Song, both started to wobble and then collapsed in front of punters.

Early reports indicated the horses died from an electric shock, but a post-mortem will be carried out.

Former champion jockey Graham Thorner, part-owner of Marching Song, told Sky News what happened.

"One horse was behaving very strangely, and I thought, it's just got overheated - as racehorses do," he said.

"Then mine started to behave most extraordinary. I couldn't work out why.

"So I told my lad to move on, keep them going.

"He went 50 yards and (the horse) did exactly the same thing - (he started) kicking out.

"Then he went down and I thought, oh my God he's having a heart attack."

The incident happened before Newbury's first race and the day's program was subsequently cancelled. Read More