Thursday, February 10, 2011

Negotiations Collapse: North Korea says no need for talks with South

It also said that on the surface, the South shows an interest in inter-Korean dialogue, but its true intention is blocking the mood for dialogue and seeking to quiet down the calls to reverse its “confrontational” policy toward the North.

On Wednesday, the preliminary talks aimed at setting up a high-level meeting broke down without any agreements as the two sides failed to narrow their differences over the agenda and other issues for the opening of the talks.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry said that the high-level meeting can be held when the North showed a significant shift in its attitude, stressing that the “door for dialogue” remained open.

“Our stance is that the door for a high-level military meeting is still open, but such dialogue will be possible only if North Korea takes responsible measures for the two attacks last year,” Col. Moon Sang-gyun, Seoul’s chief delegate for the preliminary talks, told reporters.

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