Saturday, February 19, 2011

60 Feet Monster waves produced in Ireland and France

When it comes to monstrous surf, Europe doesn't get much respect among surfers who ride big waves for a living. But that could soon change thanks to Benjamin Sanchis' recent taming of a bona fide monster beyond the Basque Country south of Hossegor, France. The ride (see video), at a break called Belharra, has made Sanchis a leading contender in several categories of the prestigious Billabong XXL Global Big-Wave Awards, including biggest wave.

With the North Pacific in a relatively quiet pattern this year, Sanchis and his European companions have taken center stage in the big-wave arena thanks to the massive storms pounding the region this winter. Earlier this week they were catching incredible waves off of Ireland as huge swells began marching down the North Atlantic.

Europe's come alive there's only been one big swell off California, and another off Hawaii." According to Sharp, the swell that slammed Ireland and the Basque Country produced wave faces that measured as high as 60 feet. Source