Saturday, February 19, 2011

120-year-old record high temperature tied on Friday - 18th Feb 2011

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV/AP) - A 120 year old record high temperature for Charlotte was tied on Friday as temperatures continued their climb that started this week.

Nearly all week, the temperatures have been above 60 and climbed to above 70 on Thursday. The average temperatures now are what we would expect for the end of April.

Friday, the high was forecast to be 75, but it went a tad higher and broke the old record of 78 as by 3 pm Friday.

Things are supposed to cool down this weekend, but still stay unseasonably warm. Click here for the weekend forecast!

The high temps have been accompanied by very dry weather as hundreds of brush fires have been reported across the state this week.

Going into the weekend, there is an active 1000-acroe blaze near Chimney Rock -- and it is expected to burn 500 more acres this weekend.

There are advisories against burning in many areas and two counties are under a Red Flag warning.

Several fire departments extinguished a wildfire in Mooresville on Friday afternoon. Read More