Monday, February 21, 2011

120 cows found dead, owner suspects poisoning - 21st Feb 2011

BANTING, MALAYSIA: More than 100 heads of cattle were found dead at a farm in Sri Cheeding near here.

The owner, Suppiah Mariappen, believed the 120 cows valued at RM240,000 had been poisoned. He said he last fed the animals at about 5pm on Saturday and two hours later many of them were found dead.

“I was shocked to find them frothing from the mouth with blood oozing out of their anus. Some were already dead. Those which were still alive, died soon after.

“I suspect they were poisoned,” he said yesterday, adding that he had 200 heads of cattle and was now left with only 80.

His suspicion, he said, was based on the fact that the animals had not been let loose for the past three days as he was busy repairing the fence surrounding his farm.

All the cows were about four years old and they were to have been sold for RM2,000 each in August.

Suppiah said the land he occupied belonged to the Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation and on Jan 31, he had received an eviction letter to vacate the land before Feb 7, but he had disregarded the order. Read More