Monday, January 31, 2011

The ROSWELSH Incident - Wales 1974

EVERY time Huw Lloyd ventures on to the peaks above his farmhouse, his thoughts return to a strange night almost 40 years ago - and a UFO mystery that has never been explained.

Huw, then 14, had been watching television with his two older sisters and a neighbour when their hillside home in North Wales was rocked by a "violent thud" that knocked him from his chair.

Within minutes four police officers were at his front door, asking if his father could drive them into the inhospitable Berwyn Mountains in a farm vehicle.

They said a plane had crashed.

Huw's father was out so the teenager, who had been driving Land Rovers around the family farm for years, volunteered to take them.

Within minutes he was at the wheel of his dad's Land Rover, driving the officers through the gloom.

Huw said: "Our neighbour, a retired RAF officer, sat in the -passenger seat and the policemen were in the back."

As the Land Rover nosed carefully along the track that wound through thick forests and bogs, the officers kept colleagues informed of their progress via their radios.

Meanwhile, Huw began to prepare himself for the grim scene that might lie ahead.

"I was expecting we'd find a blazing aircraft with bodies strewn among wreckage," he said.

The Land Rover was nearing the 2,723ft summit of the highest peak in the Berwyn mountain range - Cadair Berwyn - when they were "blinded" by the brightest light Huw, now 51, has ever seen.

"It must have been about 30 minutes after the explosion we'd heard while we were in the house. Suddenly the whole sky was lit up by the most incredible white light, brighter it seemed than even the sun. For close on 30 seconds the skies were filled with this light for as far as you could see."

The awed youngster quickly composed himself and pressed on, only for the 4x4 to get stuck in a bog.

The officers got out to free it but when they had done so and got back in, one of them said quietly: "Take us back down the mountain, please. We're done here."

The teenager was dumbfounded.