Friday, January 21, 2011

From dead birds to the not-so-common nutria, northwest Tennessee facing its share of mysteries

A couple of wildlife mysteries cropped up in Obion County over the weekend.
Scattered on and alongside South First Street at the city limit marker in Union City were more than 70 bird carcasses Monday morning.
About 23 dead birds were found flattened on the roadway near Union City’s welcome sign and another 48 dead birds were scattered on the east side of the roadway.
The mysterious bird deaths mirror similar incidents earlier this month in Alabama, Arkansas, California and Louisiana.
It was during New Year’s weekend in Beebe, Ark., just northeast of Little Rock, that an estimated 5,000 blackbirds were found dead on the ground. Wildlife officials there offered their explanation that the birds were startled by New Year’s Eve fireworks and they ran into low lying structures such as chimneys, houses and trees, according to the Associated Press. Read More..