Saturday, January 29, 2011

17 peacocks found dead in Wankaner, West India in 3 Days

WANKANER: Seventeen peacocks have been found dead in the last four days from Vidi area near Gadhiya Dungar in Wankaner. While carcasses of 13 peacocks were recovered on January 25 and 26, four more dead birds were found on January 28.

Though preliminary investigations by the forest department indicate food poisoning as the cause of death, viral infection is not ruled out. "The carcasses were detected by Kana Rajgor, who alerted the forest department on January 25. Upon inspection, we found five dead peacocks and more dead birds were found strewn across the area on January 26. It may be noted that bird lovers of Wankaner come to Vidi area to feed birds," round forest officer M S Makadiya told mediapersons.

The carcasses were sent to Junagadh veterinary hospital, where veterinarian Dilipsinh Barad hinted at the possibility of food poisoning as the cause of death. "The birds might have died after consuming poisonous seeds. However, the possibility of some viral fever causing the deaths can not be ruled out. The exact cause of the tragedy will be known only after the postmortem," he said.

The bird carcasses will be sent to Anand Veterinary Laboratory for postmortem, and the report is expected in the next two to three days. Source...